Enjoy the "Par-Tee" with Permanent Florals!

Posted by Branches Designs of Hilton Head Island on Apr 4th 2018

Looking to add a little flair to your Heritage "Par-Tee"? Use permanent florals to make party decor fun and a total hole-in-one!

Heritage Part-Tee by Branches Designs Hilton Head

As spring comes into full bloom here in the Lowcountry, so does the desire to add fresh looking flora and fauna to our homes. At Branches, we specialize in the highest quality, most realistic looking permanent botanicals. Want to keep the beauty of spring going all season long? Permanent botanicals are the way to go!

Permanent botanicals offer stress-free, effortless beauty EVERY time. 

Let’s face it - life is busy. And for many of our clients, their Hilton Head home is a secondary property or rental house. Permanent arrangements and design take the stress out last minute plantings and securing help to consistently water and prune. Going faux also means your greenery and blooms look picked at peak perfection so you can enjoy the party without the stress of replacing arrangements each time you host.

Heritage Par-Tee by Branches Designs Hilton Head Island

Quality is key – our stems are always a hole-in-one. 

Not all faux stems are created equal. At Branches, we offer the most realistic looking permanent botanicals and follow greenery trends to keep the best looking stems in stock. Our arrangements are higher quality to withstand the elements and look their freshest day after day.

Make a statement with your favorite colors. 

Pick bold colors to make your porch and tablescapes pop. Red is our all-time favorite to add immediate curb appeal. Poppies, geraniums, leafy crotons, and blooming branches are a few of the constant faux options that pack a vibrant color punch.

Heritage Par-Tee Branches Designs Hilton Head

A little fresh, a little faux – create distinctive arrangements with your favorite seasonal stems. 

Just like a party gathering with a mix deli-purchased goodies and homemade family favorites, you can mix and match permanent botanicals with fresh florals for unique pieces throughout your home. Add a bush of faux geraniums or tall blooming branches into existing English ivy or ferns outdoors. It can take the rain, pollen, and varying temperatures and still look amazing.

Have some fun and go “fore” it! 

Give your guests something to talk about by repurposing old golf bags or golf shoes as containers; use tees and golf balls as vase fillers; and add oversized plaid bows and ribbon to jazz up your wreath. Permanent botanicals can be used again and again without the mess, making them perfect for experimenting with different and creative decorating ideas.